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Precise Hearing Care

Dedicated to Providing the Best Hearing Health Care

Redefining Excellence in Hearing Health Care



Precise Hearing Care is redefining hearing health care by providing the best audibility to you whether you come into one of our clinics or you stay in the comfort of your own home.


The Precise hearing device was developed through a strategic partnership with Signia Hearing Aids and designed to fit comfortably and look good in your ears. It features a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts the hearing aid settings based on the noise level around you. It can amplify soft sounds, such as speech, while keeping loud sounds, such as an ambulance or alarm, at a comfortable level. Most importantly, it boosts high-pitched sounds needed for speech understanding.


Precise Hearing Care provides these hearing health information services through this webpage:



Precise Hearing Care offers a cosmetically-attractive, cost-efficient option to optimize your hearing with such features as:


  • Built-in sensor to adjust settings based on the noise around you

  • Makes soft sounds louder so you can hear speech

  • Makes listening to music enjoyable again

  • Small, light-weight, and easy to wear

  • And much more   See more >>

Better Hearing Starts with Precise!


“The Precise hearing device changed my life.”


Audrey Sellers


“I haven't been able to hear this well since I was 25 years old! Thanks Precise Hearing Care.”

Arthur Milton

“I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is having difficulty hearing. It is a great, risk-free way to hear your family better. I feel like a whole new person when I am interacting with those around me!”


Betty Taylor


“This device not only saved my marriage, but saved my job.”


Ralph Pearlman

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